Pond Consultant and Host of Ponds at West Park

Pond Consultancy and Advice

Want a pond or need help with pond problems?
As pond consultants we can provide expert advice on:

  • Where to build a pond
  • Digging a pond
  • Pond liners
  • Pond landscaping
  • Pond maintenance
  • Aquatic plants
  • Farm ponds
  • Large garden ponds
Call 00(44) 1722 710848 to discuss building a pond and all your pond care needs with us, the UK's recognised pond expert specialising in large ponds and lakes.

Pond Success and Pond Failures

Creating and maintaining a pond can be a wonderful experience but you will want to avoid common pitfalls and problems. A new pond must be dug in the right place. Landscape considerations are important but must be balanced with practicalities. It is no good spending a fortune on a lake in front of your house if there is going to be insufficient run-off to fill it or the water leaks out once it gets there.

Stocking a pond with water plants or fish can be equally tricky. Get it right and you will have a wonderful asset. Plant the wrong species or introduce inappropriate fish and you may have a tangled, weedy mess, an ecological disaster or even find you have broken the law on non-native introductions.

Some people like formal garden lakes, other prefer more natural ponds with wildlife conservation as a primary aim. Understanding what you want from your new pond or your pond restoration project is an important first step. Take expert pond advice before you start or to refresh a pond project that has gone wrong.

Professional Pond Advice

Hampshire Land & Water - Pond Consultant. Whether you are looking for new pond advice, pond construction, pond maintenance, pond plants or fish, our pond consultancy can help. He knows the leading UK pond constructors and can help advise on which firm will be right for your pond needs.

Meet Other Pond Enthusiasts

'Pond life' refers not just to the ecological content of your particular pool, it can also become an obsession! This pleasant affliction affects hundreds of pond enthusiasts in the UK, many of whom attend pond-related functions.

Hampshire Land & Water also hosts the Festival of Ponds and Lakes held each year in June. This is an ideal one-stop shop for information on everything connected with large pond creation and maintenance. For more information please call us on  (0044) 1722 710848.
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