Aquatic Plants

Choosing Your Pond Plants Wisely

aquatic pond plantsHaving the right aquatic plants can make or break your pond. Many water plants are beautiful to look at and easy to grow. Others can become out of control and reduce the attractiveness and conservation value of a farm-scale pond or lake. The secrets are correct plant choice and proper aquatic plant care. Native aquatic plants should always be considered for wildlife ponds, although some exotic water plants might be appropriate for a large garden lake.

Aquatic Nurseries

Some commercial nurseries specialise in aquatic plant species but chose your supplier with care. Most provide for the small garden pond market and may struggle when it comes to supplying varieties appropriate for a farm-scale pond or lake.

Bankside Vegetation

Ensuring the correct bank vegetation is important for the look of your pond and also for the physical integrity of the banks. If you want easy access to the water (for example for an amenity pond in a park or on a golf course) you will be after a very different sort of bank than if you want wild rushy nesting for ducks.

Some of the rushes and reeds that grow on the bankside can be especially invasive and rapidly fill the pond from the outside in, so avoid problem plants like the plague.

Floating Pond Plants

choosing pond plants wiselyFloating pond plants such as water lilies can be a great attraction and the choice of species is wide. On the other hand, floating plants too can rapidly colonise the whole pond surface, spoiling the visual effect and reducing the ponds conservation value.

Floating islands and pond planters provide a relatively new way of introducing floating plants onto the water and used carefully they can help to control unwanted spread.

Aquatic Plant Control

Weed cutting, root removal and the control of unwanted plants or algal blooms are usually the biggest aspect of pond maintenance. Ridding a pond of an unwanted water plant can be a major undertaking, so take great care not to introduce the wrong things. If they do appear (for example via the root balls on deliberate introductions) act to get rid of them at once.

Whether you need help choosing a pond plant supplier or controlling invasive water weeds, call Hampshire Land & Water on 00(44) 1722 710848 and seek his professional advice.

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