Garden Ponds

Add Value to Your Property with a Stunning Water Feature

garden pondsA large garden pond can look stunning and add interest and value to your home. Just think how many estate agents use photos of a house taken across a lake when selling larger properties. With good advice, the cost of creating a fine pond close to the house may well be recouped in the increase in capital value and saleability of your home. Many clients have said that their garden pond has given them more pleasure than anything else they have done to improve their residence.

Hampshire Land and Water can advise on the creation of large ponds and garden lakes, from construction and planting to aftercare.

Finding the Right Pond Designer

There are thousands of garden pond designers and suppliers catering for the small fish-pond and water garden market but very few businesses that cater for larger garden ponds and lakes. We can help you to find those who do and to select the company that will best suit your particular needs.

The positioning of a pond within a landscaped garden is particularly crucial as issues such as access by heavy machinery and child safety all come into the equation. Use the advice of an expert who has seen all the disastrous mistakes made before. garden water features to enhance your home

All Round Enhancement

Garden water features need to look good at all times of year and to maintain their water levels especially well. Fish and tame ducks can enhance their interest but species need to be selected with understanding if they are not to get out of balance with native wildlife. In the close quarters of a garden situation, the choice of pond plants is influenced by scent as well as by visual considerations. The fish, of course, could add a sporting dimension to those pond owners so inclined. Why not take professional advice to make your pond attractive in the maximum number of ways possible?

Accessories for Large Ponds

large ponds for your garden Bridges, boathouses, summerhouses and fishing platforms can all add variety and usefulness to a garden pond. The use of natural materials in their construction can ensure that they age quickly and tastefully to complement your water feature. Hampshire Land & Water can help you to source the 'accessories' that will best set off your garden pond.

Natural Swimming Pools

The renewed interest in swimming ponds and natural swimming pools can also be combined with a handsome garden water feature. Several firms now specialise in these and Hampshire Land & Water will be happy to advise.

To discuss how a large pond could enhance your garden, or how to make an existing garden pond more attractive, call us on 00(44) 1722 710848.

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