How to Build a Pond

Planning Your Pond Construction

planning your pond projectBefore building a new pond you should think carefully about your aims and take advice on where to site it. Pond construction can be expensive and mistakes must be avoided at all costs. No amount of landscaping and aftercare will save a pond that refuses to hold water or which has fallen foul of planning permission or conservation laws.

Filling a Pond

Large ponds and lakes require a lot of water. You need to know in advance where will it come from. There are many options. Will natural rainfall be enough? Could you catch water run-off from nearby tracks or buildings? If you do, will silt be a problem or could it be addressed through the use of a silt trap. A site survey by an experienced pond consultant is the answer. Call us on (0044) 1722 710848 to make an appointment.

Dig a Pond or Dam a Lake?

pond construction choicesYou may not actually need to dig a pond if you could you use natural contours and dam or divert a watercourse. This can be a cheaper option but it requires a good understanding of soil structure and the regulations about water management. The environmental authorities generally like people who build ponds but they object to anything that damages a site of special scientific interest or which has implications for water conservation or flood control. Make sure you stay on the side of the angels and don't give yourself a legal headache. Talk to us before you start. We have met most classic pond mistakes many times over.

Choosing a Pond Construction Company

There are lost of companies claiming to be professional pond builders. Only a few consistently deliver well built ponds that are correctly profiled and reliably hold water.

digging a pond A local firm may be the cheapest but will it be the best? Whilst you might get away with using a local JCB digger if your clay soils and your situation are near-perfect, the chances are you will be better advised to use on of the respected national pond digging companies.

Hampshire Land & Water has worked with many pond diggers, local and national, on a wide variety of projects in many parts of the UK. Why not use him to assist in your search for the right company for your pond?

The attractions of pond creation and pond ownership are huge but don't rely on guesswork. Get it right first time by taking professional advice. Call us on 00(44) 1722 710848 to arrange a site visit, with individually tailored advice on pond building and selecting the correct pond construction company.

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