Pond Maintenance and Restoration

Preserving Your Water Feature

pond maintenance and restorationPond restoration projects and the aftercare of ponds and lakes are big subjects in their own right. Pond restoration can need as much care and planning as new pond creation, sometimes more. After all, if a pond or lake needs renovation it must have had intrinsic problems in the first place or simply have been abandoned to nature.

The removal of old farm rubbish, supermarket trolleys and the like is largely a matter of sheer man and machinery power but don’t forget that working with water brings health and safety considerations into the equation.

When it comes to aquatic vegetation and pond fauna and flora, however, knowledge is key and no amount of brute force and hard labour will compensate for lack of experience.

Overgrown water plants can quickly choke even a large pond and cause serious visual and conservation problems, especially if they are invasive or non-native species. Lakes choked with vegetation need to be cleaned out. Sometimes the problems will be with overgrown reeds and rushes, which can be tacked from the banks. Other ponds will be affected by floating weeds, which may need to be cut from a boat.

People often ask if weed cutting is enough or whether some attempt should be made to remove roots. As so often in land management, the answer depends on circumstances. Correct and efficient pond weed clearance is a specialist job and care needs to be taken not to damage important wetland species or the water-holding capacity of the lake itself.

Pond Algae

looking after your pond Algal blooms can discolour the water and limit a pond’s conservation potential. They can be averted, and cleared, but the use of chemical methods needs caution. Natural pond solutions are often the right way to go. Speak to us on (0044) 1722 710848 to discuss the best answer to your pond problem.

The Self-Maintained Pond

the self maintained pond The good news is that, on the whole, a well-designed or well-restored pond will largely look after itself. This is why getting the new pond design or the restoration project right in the first place is so important.

It is certainly wise to seek professional help with any non-routine pond maintenance. Draining ponds is a particularly big undertaking, while non - chemical and natural pond maintenance are a specialist arts in themselves.

If you want to restore an old farm pond or you have problems with pond maintenance, call pond consultant, Hampshire Land & Water on 00(44) 1722 710848 to discuss.

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